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Tsavo East National Park

When you think of elephants, you think of large mammals that just shuffle around, until you land at Tsavo East National Park and realize that these mammals can be playful, cheeky and entertaining to watch. The dust-red elephants wallow, roll and spray each other with the blue waters of Galana River.

It's also at Tsavo East that you will find most of the other larger mammals, including Rhino, Buffalo, Lion, Leopard, pods of Hippo, Crocodile, Waterbucks, Lesser Kudu and gerenuk. The birdlife at Tsavo East is to die for, with over 500 recorded bird species.

The fun doesn't stop there, at least not without mentioning the 300 kilometres long Yatta Plateau, the longest lava flow in the world. If you have been wondering whether Tsavo East will be worth your time, then you already have your answer. Visit it, and experience the beauty of nature.

How To Get There

By Road: the park Mtito Andei Gates is 233 km South of Nairobi and 250 km North of Mombasa on the main Nairobi- Mombasa Road. Distance Nairobi-Mtito Andei: 233 km - Mtito Andei-Voi: 96 km - Voi-Mombasa: 153 km. From Malindi, take the western road (C103) and enter in the park via Sala gate.

Airstrips: Voi, Aruba, Satao, Sala, Ithumba, Sangayaya, Mopeo, Bachuma, Cottars.

Tsavo West National park

Tsavo West is the land of lava, springs, man-eaters and magical sunsets. That alone makes you want to pack your bags and tour Tsavo West, yes? At Tsavo West, you'll also get to see and experience gallons of crystal clear water gushing out from under the parched lava rock that is the Mzima Springs to the Shetani Lava Flows.

The savannah ecosystem comprises of open grasslands, scrublands, and Acacia woodlands, belts of riverine vegetation and rocky ridges including the Poacher's Lookout where visitors can see the teeming herds in the plains below. When it comes to Game Viewing, Tsavo West offers the best, including elephants, rhinos, Hippos, lions, cheetahs, leopards and Buffalos.

How To Get There

Road: The main access routes are through Chyulu Gate from Amboseli and Mtito Andei Gate from Nairobi. Visitors from Mombasa also use Tsavo Gate near Manyani. The Park can also be reached via Taveta - Voi road through Maktau, Ziwani and Jipe Gates.

Gates: Tsavo, Lake Jipe, Mtito Andei (Kamboyo HQ), Chyulu, Maktau and Ziwani.

By Air: There are 3 airstrips in the park.

Airstrips: Kamboyo, Kilaguni, Tsavo Gate, Jipe, Kasigau,Finch Hottons, Ziwani, and Maktau airstrips are in good.