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Malindi is a dream holiday destination and for a good reason. Not only is it steeped in rich heritage and many historic sites, but also boasts sandy beaches and gorgeous resorts. You'll love the smooth sandy beaches and crystal clear water that's perfect for water activities such as deep sea fishing, surfing, diving, water-skiing and snorkeling. The resorts are renowned for their luxurious spas, chic bars and exotic restaurants.

If you are a fun of activities such as sightseeing, boat tours, scuba diving, kite surfing, boating, Dhow excursions and wildlife safaris, then you will absolutely love Malindi.

1. Marafa Depression / Hell’s Kitchen
One of the more intriguing sights inland from the north Kenyan coast is Hell’s Kitchen or Nyari (‘the place broken by itself’). About 30km northeast of Malindi, it’s an eroded sandstone gorge where jungle, red rock and cliffs heave themselves into a single stunning Mars-like landscape.

2. Malindi Marine National Park
The oldest marine park in Kenya covers 213 sq km of powder-blue fish, organ-pipe coral, green sea turtles and beds of Thalassia seagrass, you might be lucky to spot mako and whale sharks.

3. Vasco da Gama Pillar
More impressive for what it represents (the genesis of the Age of Exploration) than the edifice itself. Erected by the Portuguese explorer Vasco da Gama as a navigational aid in 1498, the coral column is topped by a cross made of Lisbon stone, which almost certainly dates from the explorer’s time. There are good views from here down the coast and out over the ocean.

4. House of Columns
This building is a good example of traditional Swahili architecture and contains a peculiar exhibit on marine ecology – on the first and only coelacanth ever to turn up in Malindi waters.