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Lake Nakuru National Park

Lake Nakuru National park lies beneath the Great Rift valley. Surrounded by wooded and bushy grasslands, this Park is simply breathtaking and relaxing Park to visit. With fresh air from the lake filling your lungs, you can enjoy bird watching, seeing as this is home to Flamingos (Greater and lesser), as well as other water and terrestrial birds, numbering to about 450 species.

Lake Nakuru is also home to white rhinos, waterbacks and 56 other mammals species.

The park has viewpoints, including Lion Hill, Baboon Cliff and Out Of Africa, from which you enjoy watching all the wild animals you always dream of seeing. Apart from unique vegetation that Lake Nakuru National Park is known for, there are also hills to marvel at, including Enasoit, Honeymoon and Lion Hill ridges among others.

Every year, during the month of September, Lake Nakuru National Park hosts the 'Cycle with rhino' event. You might want to mark your calendar for this event.

How To Get There

Roads: The park has a tarmac road connection with Nairobi, a distance of 156 km north west of Nairobi on the main A104 road. The most commonly used route into the park is via the main gate, 4 km from Nakuru Town Centre. It is also possible to enter the park from the main Nairobi Nakuru road at Lanet Gate. The Nderit Gate is used by people accessing the park from Masai Mara or Elementaita.

Park Roads:The park has an adequate and well serviced roads that make most parts of the park accessible.

Park Gates: The park has three gates, Main Gate and Lanet Gate that link the park with the Nairobi-Nakuru highway and the less used Nderit Gate.

Airstrips: The Naishi airstrip services the park for tourism and KWS activities.